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Repatriation from Perth to Iran

At Bellrae, we bring decades of embalming and repatriation experience providing compassionate, professional services without the premium price tag. Our family-run approach means we focus on what truly matters - honouring your loved ones with dignity and personal touch.

Bring your loved one home

Bellrae recognises the immense challenges families face with the loss of a loved one, particularly when it involves bringing them back to their homeland.

Our international repatriation service facilitates the return of your loved one from Perth to Iran with the utmost dignity and care. We provide comprehensive support throughout this critical process, guided by our experienced professionals.

How long will repatriation to Iran take?

From the moment the deceased is placed in our care, the repatriation process to Iran generally takes a minimum of 10 business days. This period allows us to properly prepare your loved one for the journey, secure all necessary documentation, and liaise with the relevant consulates and airlines.

Repatriation process from Perth to Iran

The repatriation process to Iran involves several key steps to ensure all legal and logistical requirements are met.


Initial contact

Reach out to us at Bellrae to discuss your needs.



Complete the necessary forms and provide us with the deceased’s original passport.



We take your loved one into our care and begin the preparation process.



We liaise with consulates, receiving agents and airlines to arrange all aspects of the repatriation.

Documents needed for repatriation to Iran

Iran repatriation flag.

To proceed with the repatriation of the deceased, the following documents are required:

  • Completion and submission of our online forms found under Repatriation Documents enables us to take the deceased into our care.
  • The deceased’s original passport from their country of birth.
  • Appointment of a receiving agent or funeral director in Iran.

Bellrae staff are available to assist you in gathering these documents and can provide support either at our office or in the comfort of your home.

Please note that you will need to organise a receiving agent in your country for all repatriations from Perth.

Perth to Iran repatriation pricing

We are committed to providing transparent pricing, enabling families to fully understand the financial commitments involved in repatriating their loved ones. This upfront approach ensures families are well-informed and can prepare for the costs associated with bringing their loved one home.

Repatriation of deceased from Perth to Iran

At Bellrae, we’re committed to providing a seamless and respectful repatriation service for your loved one from Australia to Iran. Our team is here to support you through this difficult time with compassion and professionalism.

  • Collection of your loved one
  • Professional embalming services
  • Overseas flight confirmations
  • Procurement documentation

For more information, please request a costing by completing our enquiry form.

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