Bellrae testimonials

Our team take great pride in providing a caring, throughful and personal approach to our mortuary care services, embalming and repatriation. Hear from some of our recent clients below.


At Bellrae, we care greatly about your loved one, ensuring they are treated with complete respect and privacy. Please find some kind words from our clients.

Having worked closely with Paula Bell and her associates for a number of years, I can give testimony to the superb quality of Paula’s work and her attention to detail. As a Funeral Director, one has an involvement with the family members at the time of final preparations being made for repatriation. For many family members, their summons to a viewing was often a call to a distant city or country. Some family members would travel to Perth to be with their loved one, while others would wait till their loved one arrived home.

Family members often responded with comments such as: “He/she looks so peaceful or he/she looks so natural.” With all of Paula Bell’s work, there was never a negative response from families as to how their loved one was presented. Even with basic preparation for a local interment or cremation, usual comments included “Mum looks better now, than she did when she was alive.”

The underpinning factor with regard to Paula Bell’s work is that each deceased person being prepared for their final journey was treated as an individual. The care taken with their preparation was painstaking and involved a very strong attention to detail. Hair styling, make-up and the placement of the clothing was always meticulous. The quality of Paula’s work became her signature. I, with my colleague Funeral Directors, could always name Paula as the mortuary person who had prepared the person for their funeral. Paula’s optimum efforts always were evident.

With her new endeavours, Paula Bell is the leader of the team of well qualified embalmers and the standards she has set within the local Funeral Industry will be the benchmark for each member of her team to maintain, Such criteria become basis of performance indicators that underpin the quality assurance ideals of Bellrae.

Phil Quin
Retired Funeral Director

When dad passed away suddenly at SJOG, Subiaco back in April, the whole family were in shock. We were given a brochure from the hospital for a large commercial funeral home to call and make arrangements within hours of his passing.

We decided to use Bellrae Mortuary Services in Malaga instead.

A small, family run business with Paula at the helm, her son Lucas as Mortuary Manager and mum Pam as reception – the personal service we received was amazing and humbling.

After my initial phone call to Paula, I received a phone call shortly after from the funeral director who started the very emotional procedure of organising a funeral. A celebrant was engaged and between them all, a very personal and emotionally supportive funeral for dad was arranged.

Nothing was too hard or difficult to organise and within a few days, we had it all sorted; the chapel, casket, photos, music, etc.

I cannot recommend highly enough Paula, Lucas and Pam and the staff and connections they have in the industry, at Bellrae Mortuary Services.

Stacey Heidke family
Kingsley, WA

Thanks for all your assistance.

Johnathan looked fantastic and the family came in and saw him in our chapel. They were very appreciative of your and our advice to see him again. The service was yesterday and all went well.

Again, personally it was a pleasure dealing with you. Right from first contact, through to his arrival here, everything has been extremely professional but highly personal at the same time.

We would have no hesitation using your company again, and I personally will recommend you to anyone that might need the same assistance.

Many Thanks,

Adam Gulliver
Milton Ulladulla Funeral Services NSW

Daniel’s funeral was held here today, approx. 250 in attendance, and burial at Wallace town Cemetery. They are very appreciative of everything done for them – your name was mentioned publicly in the service. He rested at home since Tuesday. When I saw him today for closing of his casket, I felt his condition and colour was quite remarkable – no odour or fumes of any kind. They have greatly benefited from having him home for a few days. Thank you again for the way you cared for him. You are a true credit to your profession.

You can be sure that I will sing your praises to other of my colleagues and recommend you whenever repatriation from WA is being planned.


Dear Bellrae,

We have been meaning to write to you, to thank you so much for your attention to detail & your care of our precious Johnathon who died in a car crash in WA and had to be repatriated to us in NSW. Although deceased, you helped his body to look the best it could be and for that we are truly grateful. Thankyou.

Angelo, Sharon, Matthew & Chiara

Thank you so much. The cushions look awesome. It has been a pleasure to meet you as well. You both will be remembered forever. Big hugs from both of us.

Andrew and LIz

I, as well as all of the families who have chosen to have an open casket to farewell their loved one, have nothing but praise for the attention to detail that Paula and her team at Bellrae have taken to ensure a beautiful send off and have no hesitation in recommending their services to any other businesses and families in need of a professional mortician’s care.

Perth Cremations & Burials
Gerard Basili (Owner/Director)

Every person deserves to be cherished in both life and in death

Have you ever wondered where your loved one will be taken until the funeral?
Do you know who will be caring for your loved one?
Can you meet with them to discuss your concerns – no matter how ‘small’
Is the facility independently owned and operated or part of a corporate chain?

Paula and Lucas Bell are progressive mortuary service providers who epitomise what it means to care for the deceased with dignity and reverence. They offer an invaluable service for families seeking personalised support and understanding throughout the after death care process.

Bellrae Mortuary Services specialise in understanding the needs of the many families we are assisting, and together they have become an integral part of the healing so desperately needed by those experiencing grief. Paula goes above and beyond to create a beautiful space for family – centred ritual and viewing. On many occasions she has generously provided after hours viewings and gatherings for families who need further special time with their loved one.

Paula has also supported me in assisting with very sensitive task of transferring the deceased into her care. This can be a distressing and confusing time for many families, and they are always left with a sense of ease and appreciation for the comfort Paula provided in professionally guiding them into the ‘next step’.

Paula has also shown great kindness and compassion to those she meets prior to death. Her knowledge, assurance and unwavering passion toward good after death care make her a leader within the funeral industry. She has successfully brought about a much needed and much anticipated change for all those who enter into her care.

Thank you for providing a truly sacred experience for those souls and their families who enter into Bellrae Mortuary Services.

Stacey Farmer
Gift of Grace Funerals