Perth repatriation services

Repatriation is the process of taking a loved one home to their country of origin for burial or cremation. Bellrae aims to simplify this process for families dealing with loss overseas or away from home.

Understanding repatriation

Repatriation is the process of returning a loved one’s remains to their country of origin for burial or cremation. Repatriation after death is often needed when a person passes away far from their home country or desired resting place.

Repatriation of remains a highly sensitive process, requiring adherence to both legal and cultural requirements, complex logistics, and often international coordination.

Repatriation services offered by Bellrae are essential in providing respectful, dignified, and legally compliant transport of deceased persons. The repatriation process encompasses a range of activities and considerations, from logistical arrangements to emotional support for the bereaved families.


Why trust Bellrae with your loved one

The team at Bellrae understand the importance of professional and respectful repatriation services including:

Comprehensive repatriation services

Simplify the process of repatriating your loved one from Australia to their homeland.

Bellrae offers end-to-end solutions for repatriation after death. We handle all aspects of body repatriation, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations.

We are dedicated to ensuring the dignified and smooth return of a loved one’s remains to their homeland or chosen resting place. Our overseas repatriation service aims to alleviate the burden on families during difficult times by managing the complex and sensitive process of repatriating the deceased.

Personalised care and support

Compassionate assistance in managing all aspects of repatriation.

Bellrae provides personalised support to grieving families, understanding the emotional and logistical complexities involved.

We offer support in managing the complex repatriation process, including legal paperwork, death certificate, cultural requirements, and transportation logistics.

Experienced and compassionate team

Extensive expertise in arranging both interstate and international repatriations.

Our qualified embalmers prioritise the care of your loved one, ensuring the dignified and smooth return of the deceased to their homeland or chosen resting place.

Our team are experienced in all aspects of repatriation, with specialised knowledge of international funeral customs, medical certificate requirements, and logistics.

From documentation and legal formalities to coordinating with consulates, and airlines and arranging the transportation of the deceased person from Australia to the destination country.

Facilities and additional support

Comfortable space for family and friends to say goodbye.

Bellrae’s facilities are equipped to handle the specific circumstances of repatriation, including embalming, advanced reconstructive techniques and appropriate storage.

Bellrae also offers a private lounge and viewing area with amenities for families to gather and find solace during this difficult time.