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Repatriations from Perth to Hobart

At Bellrae, we bring decades of embalming and repatriation experience from working with leading Perth funeral directors to provide compassionate, professional services without the premium price tag. Our family-run approach means we focus on what truly matters - honouring your loved ones with dignity and personal touch.

Bring your loved one home

At Bellrae, we understand that the journey to bring your loved ones home to your city is profoundly personal and deserves the utmost care and respect. Specialising in interstate repatriation services, we offer a tailored approach that ensures your loved ones are treated with care and dignity throughout their final journey home to Hobart.

Perth to Hobart repatriation map.

Repatriation process from Perth to Hobart

Trust Bellrae to guide you through the process of repatriating your loved one home to Hobart. We strive to make this process as smooth as possible, allowing you to focus on honouring your loved one’s memory.


Initial contact

Contact Bellrae to discuss your needs and initiate the repatriation process.



We will guide you through completing the essential paperwork and gathering the required details.


Care & Preparation

Your loved one is respectfully taken into our care to start the necessary preparations.



Our team works closely with the receiving funeral director and transportation services to meticulously plan and arrange each repatriation element.

Information needed for repatriation to Hobart


For interstate repatriations, you will need to provide information such as:

  • Full name of the deceased
  • Date of Death
  • Burial or Cremation
  • Contact details of the family or Executor

Once in our care, we will ask you to complete the Registration Information form.

Please note that you will need to organise a funeral director in your receiving state for all repatriations.

Frequently asked questions

The team at Bellrae understand the importance of professional and respectful repatriation services.

No, our repatriation services are available from Perth only. If your loved one passes away in another state, you will need to engage a local funeral director where the death occurred.

Please note that Australian law mandates the registration of the death in the state where it occurred.

Perth to Hobart repatriation pricing

At Bellrae, we stand out in the funeral service industry for our commitment to providing clear, competitive pricing without compromising the quality of our services. Repatriation services from Perth to Hobart starts from $8,000.00.

Repatriation of deceased from Perth to Hobart

At Bellrae, we’re committed to providing a seamless and respectful repatriation service for your loved one from Perth to Hobart. Our team is here to support you through this difficult time with compassion and professionalism.

  • Collection of your loved one
  • Professional embalming services
  • Interstate flight confirmations
  • Procurement documentation

For more information, please request a costing by completing our enquiry form.

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